A recruiter reviews hundreds of resumes a day. Typically, a recruiter will know whether a person is a possible fit for a role based on their current and previous jobs. Unfortunately, there are times when a recruiter passes on a potential candidate not because they are not qualified, but because their resume doesn’t show that they have worked in the field or industry that is needed for the opportunity.


Hiring: Sales Professional with telecommunications experience required.

Resume: Provides company name, date of employment, responsibilities and all their awards and achievements, but no direct mention of what the company’s experience in the telecommunication field.

Recruiter thoughts: Pass! The candidate can probably sell, but never sold in the required industry.

Candidate after receiving rejection letter: What??? I can do the job in my sleep.

Job Search Tip!

When developing your resume include a brief description of the company or industry your current and previous roles were in. Well-known and branded companies are easily identified and will give a highlight to the industry or type of company, but not so known companies or start-ups may have a great company name, but not indicate the space the organization services. Include a brief introduction or reference to the type company in the summary of your responsibilities.




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